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The bold and the beautiful recaps

Hello Bold & Beautiful fans!!  Hope everyone out there has been enjoying our favorite soap.  Today’s episode includes scenes with Wyatt and Sally, Brooke, Hope, & Ridge, Liam and Steffy, and the return of wild Bill Spencer. Today’s episode begins with Wyatt and Sally at Wyatt’s beach house.  Isn’t Wyatt

The bold and the beautiful recaps

This episode begins with Grandpa Ridge making a visit to the cliff house to check on Steffy and Kelly.  Steffy tells Ridge that she and Liam are back together, this time for good.  Steffy says the three of them are a family, and she knows Liam will never leave her

the bold and the beautiful recaps

The Bold & Beautiful fans hello!!!!.  Well if you got to watch today’s episode, you could feel all the love and support for Steffy & Liam’s little Kelly.  I look forward to seeing what Liam’s decision will be. Today’s episode began with the Forresters gathering at Forrester Creations.  The people

Grey’s Anatomy Fans

Hello Grey’s Anatomy fans.  Well tonight, 5-17-2018 will be the season 14 finale.  Alex and Jo’s big day.  I myself, always thought Meredith & Alex should be together.  He loves her kids already, and they love him.  I don’t know what you guys think, but I think Meredith Grey is