Review of today’s the Bold and the Beautiful

Good evening Bold and Beautiful fans!! One thing I can say about today’s episode that is different as the past two weeks episodes, there were no Steffy &Liam, Ridge & Brooke, Hope &Liam & last but not least, scheming Bill.

Today’s episode starts out at Forrester Creations where the models are showing off Hope for the Future’s ready to launch campaign.  Thorne is there along with Emma the intern.  Thorne really doesn’t look very happy with what he has seen.  Thorne asks Hope if Katie wasn’t supposed to have been there, and Hope told him yes, but she had to do something first.  When the models are finished, Thorne says okay I need to find Katie to make some new updates, and so he exits the room to find Katie.

Wyatt is at Forrester Creations to visit Will and Katie.  Wyatt tells Will to do something, and a confused Will responds, I don’t have to do what you tell me.  You’re not my dad your my brother.  Katie’s motherly instincts jump in, and when Pam happens to enter the room, she asks Pam if she could take Will outside with her for just a minute.  Pam picks up on the seriousness in Katie’s tone, so Pam asks if anybody in the room like lemonade.  Will told Pam he likes lemonade, so Pam tells Will to go with her to get some before it’s all drank up.

Once Pam has Will outside Katie’s office, Katie and Wyatt enter a serious, but not so sweet conversation.  Katie and Wyatt both agree they may have been fooling themselves by thinking their relationship is not noticeable to Will.  Katie tells Wyatt that she knows Will has picked up on something, and now he is confused.  Wyatt agrees with Katie because he thinks his proposing marriage with a ring and all to Katie was too soon, even for Will it would seem.

Today, we got to meet another  new intern, Alexandria.  Alexander is the cousin to Maya, and the nephew of Julius, Maya’s father.  Alexander is Julius’ brother’s son.  Julius begins to question Alexander why he was here in the United States from Britain.  Alexander goes on to tell Julius and his wife that Maya was great enough to have gotten him an internship at Forrester.  Alexander also goes on to tell Julius that he can speak both with an American accent, from the Midwest, and a British accent.  This makes Julius skeptical as to why Alexander is really there.  Alexander tells Julius he just wants to fit in, and Julius replies people in California don’t want to fit in, they want to stand out.  Maya comes to Alexander’s defense, and tells him he will need to go and work on the set for Hope for the Future.  Maya also tells Alexander there is a new intern there also, and that she is really pretty.  Alexander goes to find where he is supposed to work today.

Pam is playing hide and go seek with Will, and pretends that she doesn’t know where he is.  A confused Thorne asks Pam if everything was okay.  She tells Thorne that she is looking for Will and asks Thorne if he has seen him, while pointing to underneath her desk.  Thorne says no he hasn’t seen Will.  Thorne asks Pam if Katie was in her office, and Pam tells Thorne yes she is in her office with Wyatt, and it looked pretty serious to her.

Wyatt and Katie end their relationship today.  Katie tried to explain to Wyatt that she only wants the best for him whenever he takes over Spencer publications and puts some good back into it.  Of course, within the past two weeks, Wyatt has been fired, disinherited, and disclaimed.  Wyatt says to Katie to please not make him say goodbye to her too, but with tears in her eyes and nothing to say, Wyatt leaves Katie.  I don’t know about all of you, but doesn’t poor Wyatt deserve some kind of break.  He is suffering the consequences of telling the truth about Bill’s plan to make Wyatt believe Bill and Steffy were still involved seeing each other.

Thorne then enters Katie’s office, and says to her that he saw Wyatt leaving.  Thorne then asks Katie if she is okay, and Katie breaks down to admit to Thorne that no she isn’t okay.  Katie then went on to explain herself to Thorne.  Katie figures that Thorne will be just another  person that will say I told you so.  However, Thorne was really nice, understanding, and getting his nerve up for another try at Katie Logan.  Thorne asks Katie if she had told Brooke, but Katie tells him no and she doesn’t want to tell Brooke about any of it yet.

The scene turns back to Hope and Emma.  Emma tells Hope that by playing music for the models, the models need to put a jazz in their steps.  Emma lets Hope in on that she is a dancer with some professional experience.  Hope is always willing to take advice, and so she tells Emma for her to show her what she’ s got, and calls Emma a little Missy.  Emma turns the music back on and begins to strut some moves like a model should be walking.  Emma shows off her dance moves, and Hope is impressed.  While Emma was continuing her dance moves, Alexander appears up from behind Emma, and while Emma was twisting and turning, she accidentally hits, rather a slap, Alexander in the face.  Well that slap must have been pretty hard because it knocks Alexander unconscious.  Hope asks Emma if she knew him or had seen him around the office, and Emma replies no that she thought she had seen him before, she would remember him.

Today’s episode scene ends with Thorne and Katie in Katie’s office.  Once Thorne reassures Katie that everything will be alright, and looks at Katie with a sneaking look.  Katie knows what that means, and she tell Thorne he better not try to kiss her.  Nonetheless despite Katie’s refusal, Thorne kisses her anyway, and I don’t mean a sugar and a peck.  I mean a real kiss.  The episode ends with Katie and her eyebrow raising up hinting there could be a possibility.

Well fans this a recap of today’s episode of the Bold and Beautiful.  A new romance is in the air I believe for Thorne and Katie.  I don’t know about you guys, but my heart goes out to Wyatt.  He seems to be the guy that just gets kicked on and around.  It’s no wonder why Wyatt stayed quiet about Bill’s scheme to get Steffy.  Bill dangled that carrot in front of the poor boy’s eyes promising him a bright future, and Bill telling him that he was his favorite son.  Wyatt just wants to stop getting Liam’s leftovers, first Hope and then Steffy.  Wyatt is a good person, and the way Katie is acting with Thorne it kind of makes the watcher wonder if Katie decided to dump Wyatt because now he has no job, no money, and no daddy.

I’ll be back with tomorrow’s episode recap!  Weigh in on what you thought of today’s episode.  Is Katie and Thorne a better couple than Wyatt and Katie?  Will Katie and Thorne strike up a new romance? And will Hope for the Future succeed or crash before it even launches?

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