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Hello Bold & Beautiful fans!!  Hope everyone out there has been enjoying our favorite soap.  Today’s episode includes scenes with Wyatt and Sally, Brooke, Hope, & Ridge, Liam and Steffy, and the return of wild Bill Spencer.

Today’s episode begins with Wyatt and Sally at Wyatt’s beach house.  Isn’t Wyatt just a real gentlemen ladies.  While visiting a bar on yesterday’s episode, Wyatt runs into Sally Spectra who is on her way to drinking away her pain.  Sally tells Wyatt about Thomas breaking up with her.  Earlier in the year, around the time Bill Spencer was shot, Thomas came back to LA to recapture his love with Sally.  Thomas told Sally all about Bill’s manipulation of his and Caroline’s relationship.  Bill came up with another one of his big lies to get Thomas to go back with Caroline.  Bill told Thomas that Caroline was sick, and she was going to die.  Thomas believed the lie, and after Liam and Steffy’s wedding in Australia, Thomas told Sally what Bill had told him about Caroline’s health, thus Thomas return to New York to be with Caroline in her last days.

Now back to today.  Sally is at Wyatt’s beach house because Wyatt convinced her to come home with him the night before.  Since Sally had given up her apartment to go to New York City with Thomas, she has no where to live, to stay, and no money.  Wyatt had evidently been out to get breakfast for himself and Sally, when Sally walks in wearing one of Wyatt’s shirts.  Wyatt tell Sally that he knew he told her to help herself with anything there, but that she just may have to wear his shirt all the time now.  This scene ends with Sally showing off that happy, but sneaky little smile she has that works for her.

The next scene is when Hope and Brooke are in Brooke’s room, and Brooke tells Hope of Liam’s plans to remarry Steffy.  Hope, heartbroken of course, asks Brooke if this was really happening.  Brooke told her yes, that Liam had talked to Ridge about it, and the wedding would happen really soon.  Then Ridge comes into the room.  He asks Hope if Brooke had told her the good news.  Reacting to Hope’s disappointed face, Ridge backs up and says well its good news for his daughter and granddaughter, but he realizes it may not be as good news to her (Hope).  Hope is one classy lady because even though her heart is breaking all over again, she tells Ridge that yes she thinks it is good news.  She then goes to the door and tells Brooke and Ridge that she really has to be getting to work.  Ridge tells Hope that she doesn’t have to leave the room every time he walks into it.  Hope said she doesn’t do that.  Hope says that things are really busy at work, and she needs to get to work as soon as she can.  Brooke tells Hope that no one is watching the hours she is working.  Hope admits openly to Brooke and now to Ridge that going to work was the best thing for her right now because her dreams about the future are now Steffy’s dreams again.

The next scene shows Liam talking on the phone about catering for an event.  He told the caterer that he would have to call back and let her know an approximate number of people who would be attending.  Steffy walks out of Kelly’s room.  Liam tells Steffy of his intent ion of getting remarried to her, and that he wanted to have some people over.  Steffy asks Liam is he is sure about that because of the exhaustion of taking care of Kelly is wearing on her appearance.  Steffy tells Liam that she is going for a run so she can get her old body back.  Liam, the gentlemen he is, tells Steffy no because her body was his and she looks fantastic.  The couple stand and hug each other, and Liam asks Steffy to remarry him.  He also tells Steffy that he knows one person who is all for the remarriage, and wants the wedding to happen quickly.  Steffy asks Liam if he had been talking to her father.  Liam tells her yes, and then Steffy asks him if he asked her dad for her hand, and Liam, smiling from ear to ear, tells Steffy that he asked for both.  Steffy tells Liam of course she will remarry him, but that she never ever felt divorced anyway.  Liam tells Steffy that he has to go and take care of something, and she asks him what it is.  Liam tells Steffy that he has to go and make good with Carter, since it wasn’t very long ago he asked Carter to marry him to Hope.  Steffy tells Liam that Carter will understand, and that Carter loves her dad.  So Liam leaves the house, and this scene ends with baby Kelly on the monitor, and Steffy smiling.

The scene then shifts back to Ridge and Brooke.  Ridge has made Brooke an espresso.  Brooke is flattered, and tells Ridge that he doesn’t have to do things like that to cheer her up.  Brooke, a real trooper just like Hope, tells Ridge that she will be there at Liam and Steffy’s wedding, but that she might not like it because it isn’t Hope getting her dreams coming true.  The scene ends with the two love birds on the couch in their bedroom.

Meanwhile, Sally and Wyatt are continuing to get friendly with each other.  Wyatt tells Sally that he may be living on the beach with her once Bill takes his house away from him.  It just really strikes me at how fast a couple can move on after just breaking up with someone else they said they loved.  Nonetheless, both Wyatt and Sally blame Bill for everything.  They also admit to each other that the other one was not a bad person, they had just been done wrong.

At Forrester Creations, Liam and Carter are talking about Carter drawing up marriage licenses for Steffy and him.  Liam tells Carter that he feels horrible about how he has hurt Hope.  Carter tells him he understands, and it was not his fault, it was Bill’s.  Carter exits the room.  Liam goes over to the desk and sees a picture of Steffy and Kelly for a press release.  He picks up the release, and he takes it with him along with his marriage license.  Guess who run into each other at the door?  Oh yeah, Liam and Hope.  Hope tries to make small talk with Liam, and Liam tells her she doesn’t have to do that after the way he hurt her.  Hope tells him that is the only way to speak to each other from now on because they needed to get back to being friends.  The scene ends with Hope congratulating and wishing him & Steffy a happy future.  Hope also tells Liam that she probably won’t be there.  Liam smiles to Hope, and tells her its okay, he completely understands.

Now for the finale of today’s episode.  Bill is back, and he is back in Steffy’s house.  Steffy walks out of Kelly’s room, and she asks Bill why he is there.  Bill tells Steffy that he wants to see his granddaugher.  Steffy tells Bill that he will never get to see his grandfather because he destroyed her family with Liam and Kelly.  Then Steffy calms down, and she says to Bill that she heard that he had been gone.  Bill tells Steffy that he has been to a health retreat, and after much meditation, he has come to the conclusion that Liam and Steffy’s wedding will never happen.  Steffy told him to leave because the wedding would be taking place any time.  Steffy tries to flip her hair.  Bill tells Steffy that she doesn’t need to fix her hair or worry about what she had on.  Bill tells Steffy that she is absolutely beautiful, and will always be beautiful to him.  Bill taunts Steffy about her secret feelings for him.  Bill also tells Steffy that she and Liam would not be married, because she will be getting married to him.  Bill tells Steffy that Liam will never be enough for her, and that she and Liam were just now playing house, but it won’t last.  Hmm those sound like they are ominous words.

Okay fans this has been a review/recap of today’s show.  I have read spoilers about the show, and I can hardly wait to see if they actually do come true.  Thanks guys.  Let me know what you think.  Should Steffy be with Bill or with Liam?  Can’t wait to see how this love quadrilateral turns out!

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