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Hello once again Bold & Beautiful fans.  Let’s jump right into today’s episode, shall we.  Wild Bill.  That sounds like a good name for him.  He is obsessed with Steffy, or at least he has convinced himself that he is.  Today’s episode takes us back to the cliff house with Bill visiting Steffy.  Bill insists that Steffy will not marry his son Liam.  Bill continuously tells Steffy that Liam isn’t good enough for her.  Bill keeps taunting Steffy about Liam’s feelings for Hope.  Through the entire show, Bill drops little hints to Steffy about her mother being the shooter.  Bill tells Steffy that he doesn’t want to play hard ball, especially with her, but he is left with no other choice.  Bills keeps telling Steffy that he can take care of her the way no one else could, to protect her.  Steffy insists to Bill that she doesn’t need to be protected and if she did, Liam would be the one doing the protecting.  Before the end of today’s episode, Steffy goes into Kelly’s room, and she brings Kelly out for Bill to see her.  Bill says that she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.  Bill tells Steffy that he can provide for both her and baby Kelly.  Steffy tells Bill the reason she brought Kelly out for him to see was to see the family  he wants to destroy.  After going back and forth with each other, Bill finally comes out with it.  He tells Steffy that if she marries Liam, he will be left with no choice but to tell Detective Sanchez who really shot him.  Steffy threatens that she will tell Liam.  Bill asks Steffy if Liam knows about Taylor shooting him.  Steffy said yes he does.  Bill lays in for kill, and tells Steffy that if she tells Liam or anyone that he will pick up the phone and turn Taylor into the police.  Steffy seems shocked, but Bill has definitely shaken her up.  I think that Bill will do anything to be with Steffy don’t you?

Some of the other characters in today’s episode is Maya, Julian, Zander, and finally Emma.  In the beginning, Maya is talking to her dad about Zander.  Maya is worried that he is spending too much time with Emma the intern.  Maya suspects Emma of trying to steal Hope’s designs because she caught her taking pictures of the clothing for Hope’s campaign launch.  Julian takes up for Zander, and tells Maya that he believes Zander is a good boy.  At that moment, Zander walks through the door.  Julian talks to Zander about Emma, and Zander defends Emma.  He told Maya that the only reason she took pictures of Hope’s line is to use in her choreographing.  Maya tells Zander that Emma should have never hidden her identity at Forrester Creations.  Maya tells Zander that Emma is Justin Barber’s niece, and that Justin Barber is Bill Spencer’s right hand man.  Maya goes on to explain to Zander that she and the entire Forrester family has been hurt by Bill Spencer and his schemes throughout the years.  Zander continues to stand up for Emma, and tells Maya that Emma isn’t like that.  And guess who’s standing right outside the door?  Yes that’s right, Emma.  Emma smiles when she hears Zander standing up for her.  Instead of eavesdropping more, Emma walks straight into the office.  Julian says well hey we were just talking about you.  Emma said she knows because she heard them talking about her.  Emma is still trying to explain to Maya why she took those pictures.  Emma tells Maya that she knows she broke Hope’s no policy on taking pictures of the clothing line.  Emma says she is sorry, and nothing like that will ever happen again.  You can tell though that Maya is not entirely convinced.  Julian saves Emma from more interrogation by taking Maya out to eat lunch.  Once they leave the office, Emma tells Zander how appreciative she is for him standing up for her.  Zander tells Emma that he will always have her back.

The other two remaining characters in today’s episode is Liam and Hope.  Liam feels really guilty about hurting Hope the way he did.  Hope tells Liam that it was not his fault, that he was the victim of another one of Bill’s schemes.  Hope does admit to Liam that she wishes they had ended up married, and have a blended family with Kelly, and maybe some children of their own one day.  Hope tells Liam that it still hurts, but that she cannot live in the moment or in the past.  Liam agrees and tells Hope that she will meet somebody.  Hope says yeah, but he won’t be you.  Come on girlfriend.  I know you got a raw deal with Wyatt coming forth to tell Liam the truth about Bill’s scheme.  I think she must be the only character on that show that doesn’t run right out and hook up with someone as soon as her relationship with Liam came to an abrupt end.  I know Hope and I personally feel for you, but you are beginning to be quite the winer.  And what’s up with those braids? We’ve all gone through break ups that were hard on us, but life doesn’t stop just because you have a broken heart.  Hope really must try to put things behind her, and forge for the future.  She is just as beautiful and successful as Steffy is, but she doesn’t need to spend any more time playing the victim.

Okay Bold & Beautiful fans, that is a review of today’s episodes.  I did this review different from my others, and I hope you like the new style.  Let me know what you think and want me to blog more about. I am aiming to please my audience, so make suggestions.  Tell me what I am doing wrong, and doing right.  Give me suggestions on how to make this blog the number 1 blog in America!!  Woo hoo!!

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