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This episode begins with Grandpa Ridge making a visit to the cliff house to check on Steffy and Kelly.  Steffy tells Ridge that she and Liam are back together, this time for good.  Steffy says the three of them are a family, and she knows Liam will never leave her again.

The episode then jumps to Hope and Brooke.  Poor Brooke just can’t seem to let this all go.  She  is encouraging Hope to follow her heart.  She and Hope are stuck on the same subject, Liam.  Brooke blames Wyatt for interrupting Liam and Hope’s wedding like he did.  Hope tell Brooke that she doesn’t blame Wyatt for telling Liam the truth.  Hope blames Bill for everything that has happened, and justifiably so.  Brooke says that she thinks there is still a chance for Liam and Hope, but Hope says no.  Hope knows that Liam, Steffy, and baby Kelly are a family, and that is the way it should be.  Hope is trying to be strong, and think rationally without her heart, but it is plain to see how devastated she is about how things have turned out.  She tells Brooke that she was so excited that she was going to be Liam’s wife and baby Kelly’s stepmom.

The scene then goes to Forrester Creations where Thorne is hard at work for the Hope for the Future campaign launch.  Pam and Maya are in the same room with Thorne, and Maya comments on how Thorne can’t seem to put his pencil down.  Thorne replies to Maya there was no time to stop while creativity is flowing.  Thorne also brings up Hope, and wonders if she will be coming back to work or taking time off.  Thorne says that if Hope doesn’t come in soon, the launch of Hope for the Future can’t happen.

Maya asks Pam if Emma was coming in to work today.  Thorne asks who Emma is.  Pam and Maya laugh, and Pam tells Thorne that Emma is the new intern.  Meanwhile at Spencer Publications, the new intern for Forrester, Emma, is visiting with Bill Spencer’s right hand man Justin Barber.  As it turns out, Emma is Justin’s niece.  Justin asks Emma if they knew she was a Barber at Forrester Creations.  Emma told her uncle Justin no nobody knew, and Justin says to Emma that she needs to keep it that way.  While Justin and Emma are talking, Sheryl Underwood from the CBS show The Talk walks in.  Justin tells his niece that she and Sheryl have something in common.  Justin reveals that Sheryl Underwood’s character is named Immi.  So now there is an Emma and an Immi.  Immi lets Justin know that his conference call was about  to begin, and she exits off the scene once more.  Justin turns to his niece Emma, and asks her if she is still working on what she promised she would work on.  Emma answers back that yes she was still working on her dancing.

Before Ridge returns home, Hope and Brooke are having a special moment between the two of them.  Hope tells Brooke that she loves her, and thanks her for being her rock all these times.  Hope then says that she and Liam’s marriage was really about to happen, that is until Wyatt felt he cold no longer keep the secret of what  Bill’s manipulations are.  Brooke just doesn’t feel that her daughter has to always get hurt, and Brooke feels that Hope has always been manipulated by Bill and Steffy.

Ridge returns home from his visit at Steffy’s.  Hope asks Ridge if Liam was there, and Ridge replies that he was out running some errands.  Hope then asks Ridge, does this mean Liam and Steffy were back together, and Ridge tells her yes.  You could see the hope in Hope’s face just disappear.  Hope says it is good that Liam and Steffy are going to raise their daughter Kelly together, and that she supported what Liam chose to do.  Ridge asks Hope if she really did support them.  Hope answers yes of course I am.  Hope then tells Brooke that she is planning on going back to work today because since everything happened so quickly, she left her team there without her as their leader.  Brooke asks Hope if she really felt like going into the office today, and Hope tells Brooke that Hope for the Future is her focus now.

Hope leaves really fast to go back to work when Ridge told Hope that Steffy and Liam were definitely back together.  When Hope closes the door, she stops outside of it and cries a little.  Nevertheless, Hope made it into the office at Forrester Creations to work on getting Hope for the Future launched.

Now since Hope had left the office to go to work, Ridge and Brooke have a little talk.  Ridge tells Brooke that Hope is an amazing person.  Brooke said yes she is.  Brooke then tells Ridge that she is just so tired of Hope suffering all the time.  Brooke says to Ridge that she wonders if Hope will ever get her happy ending.  Ridge talks to Brooke about his daughter Steffy and Brook’s daughter Hope.  Of course each parent is taking up for their daughter.  Brooke then tells Ridge that she is happy for Liam, Steffy, and the baby.  She tells Ridge that she will love that little baby because she is Ridge’s granddaughter.  Ridge then pulls out his phone, and proceeds to show Brooke the pictures he has of the baby.  Brooke smiles, and Ridge asks Brooke if they were okay as a couple.  Brooke then looks at Ridge with a little smile, and she says yeas they are alright.

Hope now walks through the doors to her office at Forrester Creations.  Everyone is happy to see her.  Pam says to Hope that her team will always have Hope’s back no matter what.  The new intern is a huge fan of Hope’s work.  Emma asks out of the blue that she guessed Liam and Steffy had gotten back together, and Pam is astonished that Emma would ask such a question.  Pam also told Emma that during business hours, they needed to know where she was at every minute.

So there you go folks! All of the above is what happened on the Bold and the Beautiful today.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow evening to review tomorrow’s episode.

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the bold and the beautiful recaps

The bold and the beautiful recaps

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