Going to College: Should Students Wait Until They’re Older?

Good afternoon my fellow bloggers.  Today for my daily rant, I am asking if high school students, who have graduated high school, should immediately enroll in college, or should they wait?

Okay, I don’t know about you, but just as soon as I graduated high school, I enrolled for.college beginning in the Fall semester.   I went to a community college, and did not have to live away from home.  However, that was many moons ago, lol.  The students I am talking about are the ones that have just graduated here in the spring of 2018.  Remember these are just my opinions and what I think.

Students who enroll in college straight out of high school are still basically  children despite being the age of 17 or 18.  Many of these students have not lived anywhere else but their parents’ houses.  They have not had the experience of paying bills or being responsible for their own food.  Many students will go away to college somewhere this fall.  This will be the first time away from mommy and daddy.  They will have total freedom in most  cases.  This is what messes a lot of freshman students up.  They don’t have to worry about mom and dad constantly watching them.  Unfortunately this is when they can begin some risky behaviors.  Before you know it, their freshman year has passed, and maybe they will be worried about what mom and dad thinks about their grades.  Since maybe they didn’t attend class like they were supposed to.  They could end up with some very damaging grades, and remember grade point average always counts!

Now, remember this is only what I think because of my personal experience with this particular subject.  When I went to the community college, I did well.  I received my associate degree in science.  Then it was time to transfer to a university.  I didn’t want to live on campus, I preferred to stay home.  Therefore, a few friends of mine were community to this university from  where I lived.  I got with them, and we carpooled taking turns each week about who was going to drive.  It took us about a hour and a half to get to the university.  I found this to be very difficult for me.  I was constantly tired because of all the commuting.  I also had a part time job at the local retail center.  I simply took on too much at one time.  As a result, I withdrew from the university after attending one year.  I felt relieved because I didn’t have to juggle so much.

Then as we all know, life happens.  I was married and going to have my first child.  The idea of ever being able to go back to school was the furthest thing from my mind.  I ended up staying out of school about 12 years.  During all of this time, I worked, and I secured a really well paying job at a local finance company.  I rose to fame, and quickly got really good at it.  I worked for about 4 years at this finance company.  Some things happened, and I had to quit my job.  Now what was I going to do?  I had a husband, who did work, and this small child to take care of.  I became so stressed about things that my health declined.

So I realized hey I have to go back to school and finish what I had started.  My goal was to become a special education teacher, grades K-8, specializing in learning and behavior disabilities.  What I am getting to is that I grew up and became more mature and responsible.  This worked out for me (taking a break from college).  I took my classes more seriously than I previously had.  I constantly strove to be the best student I could be, and I was.  Straight A’s.  Finally I earned my bachelor degree.  For me, if I had not taken a break from college all those years ago, I honestly don’t know what would have happened.  I was more mature than ever, and I had a lot of wisdom and experience under my belt.

This is just my opinion in regards to my own personal experience.  If your kids don’t want to go to college right away, don’t be too rough on them.  Experiences in life will make them realize what the most important things are.  They will go back eventually.  I preferred life experiences to making bad grades and failing.  That is just my story.

Okay fellow bloggers I hope you gained some insight into what I have written.  I know there are others out there that have different opinions than mine.  So tell me about it.  Tell me why high school graduates should enroll in college immediately.  I like to learn from these blogs, so please tell me what your opinion is.  No judgement here if you have a different opinion.  This blog is meant to respect others and other opinions on subject matters.

Okay bloggers until my next blog,

Good day friends!!