Sexual Harassment or Inappropriate, whatever it is it’s just wrong!!!!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  Todays topic of my blog is in regards to charges and allegations made about none other than Morgan Freeman.  CNN has just broken this story the past three hours.  Since this seems to be such a hot topic nowadays, I want to get right on the story with the details.

Morgan Freeman, 80 years old, has had a successful career acting for the past 5 decades.  CNN reports that they have spoken to 16 people in all about Morgan Freeman’s behavior.   8 of the 16 called it sexual harassment, while the other 8 said it is inappropriate behavior.  Whatever anyone calls it, his behavior is not acceptable and flat out wrong!!!

CNN talked to one of the women who alleges these accusations against Morgan Freeman.  She said that Freeman was always trying to lift up her skirt, and would ask her if she was wearing any underwear.  She also alleges about unwanted touching, as well  as comments about her body figure and clothing on a daily basis.  Freeman would also put his hands on her lower back or rub her lower back,

A senior member of the production staff of the movie, “Now You See Me,” says that Morgan Freeman sexually harassed her female assistant on more than one occasion by making comments about their bodies. All of this news is straight from

Morgan Freeman was not the only one this week that made headlines for sexual harassment.  It has reached the popular fast food chain, McDonald’s.  According to the Cut, female workers at McDonald’s as well ad Walmart are standing up and saying they were sexually harassed.  The Cut reports that in January 2018, Time’s Up, a legal defense fund, is said to represent over 300 women in the entertainment history.  According to The Associated Press, the Time’s up Defense Fund represent by giving legal help to females who have been sexually harassed in the workplace.

The “Times Up,” defense fund has filed allegations for 10 McDonald workers with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  The Defense Fund is also representing 56 years-old Gina Pitre.  Pitre was an employee at a Mississippi Walmart.  Thanks to the defense fund, she now has financial support and a lawyer for her case.  Pitre said that she received unwanted touching from a Walmart manager.

According to the Center for American Progress says that sexual harassment as well as gender inequality usually occurs in low-wage industries such as fast food and retail.

Well there you have it friends.  These allegations of sexual harassment of women keeps coming out about the bad behaviors against managers and actors almost every day now.  Well maybe at least once a week.  I say that’s too much.  Women have suffered from gender inequality for years in the workplace.  In the past, it was unfair pay, but in today’s time, its sexual harassment or inappropriate touching.  Also making lewd remarks with their tongue has also gotten all of these men in trouble.

So what do you guys think?  Maybe you or someone you know has experienced these treatments by their senior employees.  It seems like with all of the support women are getting these days for sexual harassment, now would be a good time to tell your story.  There are resources out there that can definitely help. Don’t be shy, and you don’t even need to give your name, but take a stand with all of these other women.  I know the “Me Too” movement is one that will go down in history!!!!!

Okay fellow bloggers, this is the end of today’s rant.  I hope you are able to take something positive from it.

Until my next blog,

Good-day Friends!!!!!


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