Car Insurance on Teenage Drivers: Why so expensive & is it fair?

Good afternoon fellow bloggers.  Today my daily rant is going to be about teenage drivers and why it is so expensive.

I am a parent of a teenage driver.  Therefore, I know how expensive car insurance rates rise when you add that teenage driver to your insurance policy.  Maybe because this affects me so personally, I feel it is not fair to raise insurance rates just because you have a teenager added to the policy.  Personally, I feel that insurance companies take advantage of these new drivers and their parents.

The top 6 reasons insurance companies say there needs to be higher premiums on insurance policies with teenage drivers include:

1.  Young Drivers have an unproven record or history of their driving habits;

2.  Young drivers are less experienced as a result of not driving very long;

3.  Young drivers engage in distracting driving behaviors, such as talking and texting on cell phones;

4.  Young drivers are more likely to be reckless;

5.  Statistics on young drivers say that young drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident; and

6.  young drivers pose a financial risk to the insurance company.

I say, there are adult drivers that participate in all of the above excuses.  Adult drivers often engage in distracting driving behaviors, including talking and texting on cell phones.  Sometimes adult actually engage in very risky behaviors.  We often drive too fast, we get distracted by the environment around us, and some adults consume alcohol or take pills and then get behind the wheel.  When adults catch us driving under these circumstances, what happens next?  Once the insurance company gets ahold of the outcomes, they raise our insurance policies.  So shouldn’t there be a different protocol for teenage drivers ?.

I recommend that the same amount of trust should be given to teenage drivers.  I understand that they are young and inexperienced, but should insurance companies be allowed to raise our insurance premiums?  Well, I think not.  It would be so much better for parents and teenage drivers if the rules change.  I believe policies and premiums should give teenage drivers the same amount of trust they give to their adult counterparts.  Or what about being able to claim insurance policies as a tax deduction on our income taxes.  There has to be a simpler way so both parents and the young drivers get treated equally.  If and only if, teenage drivers engage in bad behavior while behind the wheel, then the insurance policy amounts can increase.  I just can’t help but feel there are other ways.

Okay my daily followers, tell me what you think.  Do you have a young driver and you are happy with the car insurance prices?  Were your insurance policies increased?  Let me know you’re  take on the matter.  Maybe you agree with the insurance companies.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Everybody has opinions, and I would like for you to give yours.

Until my next blog,

Good day friends!!!!