Childhood Memories: Going Camping

Hello once again my daily followers.  This blog is going to be about camping and camp grounds.  I am a person that grew up camping.  We would go for at least 3 weeks during the Summer season.  It was great!  I was young, but it is a memory I will never forget.

Since I was a small child, around 4 years-old, I can remember going camping with my family.  My dad loved to go camping.  We actually camped out in our car, and then in the bed of my dad’s truck.  Of course there was a camper top in the bed of the truck, but that was how my dad rolled.  We were squished.  There we slept all three of us, my mom and dad and me, in the bed of that truck.  Everything we needed for camping was in the back of that truck.  To some people out there it may seem crazy to camp like that, but that was all we had at that time.

I started growing up and getting bigger, and there was no longer any room in the back of that truck.  So, my dad bought a tent.  It was a big blue two room tent with a small awning room in the front.  We didn’t have any air mattresses, so my mom and dad actually took the mattresses off of our beds.  This type of camping only lasted a while.  Soon my dad realized this was foolish and too much work.

Then came a small pop up camper, now they are called tent campers.  It had 2 full size beds on each side.  There was also a small table that when folded up made another bed.  My dad actually bought this camper from my sister and her husband.  He got a good deal of course.  We camped in this camper for years.  Nevertheless, after this camper had done its job, my dad bought yet another tent camper.  This was the last camper my dad bought.  It was used until a couple of years before my dad’s death.  Even today, when I go inside that camper, I can smell the newness in that camper.  It makes me sad and happy at the same time.  But I know my dad would love to see that camper being used today.  Sometimes, my husband and I take our youngest son outside in our driveway to “camp out.”

Camping doesn’t appeal to some people.  They just can’t get past using hotels where they can have all the comforts of life.  I am not that person.  Even though when my family goes on vacation, we stay in hotels.  I myself, would rather stay in a camper.  I just need to talk my husband into that, but that’s a whole other story.  My favorite memories are about going camping.  I would ride my bicycle all around that camp ground.  I was fascinated with the little grocery stores in the camp ground.  I bet I would go to those stores at least 3 times a day or more.  I would like to go and buy the ice cream.  It was a good thing I rode that bicycle so much or I could have been big as a cow as they say.

At night, my dad would build this big fire, and we would move our chairs all around the fire.  We would get sticks and marshmallows to roast.  It was really great!  We would all talk to each other about really serious  subjects.  I suppose you could say my family’s dinner table was the camp ground fire.  Life was so much simpler back then.  I think this is one of the best things about going camping.  Bonding with my family was the best.

Nowadays, there really isn’t any interest in camping.  Kids stay on computers and video game systems.  Bonding with the family is pretty hard.   A lot of families don’t eat at the dinner table.  Their lives are too busy.  Most mothers today work as much as their husbands do.  This results in a lot of eating out at fast food restaurants, which can be very unhealthy compared to home cooking.  The kitchen table just becomes a piece of furniture.

Well folks this is my daily rant.  I love camping.  You know what they say, you can get the girl to stop camping, but the camping really never leaves the girl. Lol.  Tell me about your camping memories, or if you’ve never been camping, maybe I can give you some advice about what you need to take.

Until my next blog,

Good day friends!