School Bullying By Adults !

My son was never part of the in crowd.  As a matter of fact, he has socialization problems from early on in his life.  In head-start, my child took temper tantrums at just about everything. I admit my child is spoiled especially by me.  However, there is a good reason for this.  I was diagnosed with cancer a few short days before my child turned one year old.  He had to rely upon my family to help take care of him.  I missed the biggest part of his short life because of my illness.  Even when I went into remission, the strong chemotherapy affected all of my organs in such ways that I was hospitalized about 15 times a year after that.  I even had to go to a nursing home for therapy to learn how to walk again, bathe myself, go to the bathroom, stand, wash dishes, etc.

I had to relearn all of these necessities of life.  I am a person who likes to be educated about different things.  So, I knew it would be extremely difficult when I came home, that my child and I would have a close bond.  Therefore, I just had to take over.  I changed his diapers by sitting in the floor, and I gave him his baths by sitting next to the bathtub.  My child could not be close to me because he didn’t know who I was.  I had no hair, and I had to take so many steroids that I blew up like a balloon.

I was no longer my former self, physically and mentally.  When it came to disciplining my child, I relied on my husband because I thought that if I was the mean guy, I would lose him all over again.  I felt he would fall out of love with me.  So, I never disciplined, and I spoiled him.  When he got to school, this was a disservice to my child.  My child was socially awkward and was unable to make strong bonds with anyone.  He cried everyday.  He took fits when he didn’t get his way.  The teachers all told me there was nothing wrong with him, that he was just spoiled.  I knew this.

Well, back on topic.  My child was never a teacher’s favorite student.  My child never played sports, or was on the academic team.  He tried to play basketball at one time, but he wasn’t really good at it.  Therefore, he was constantly looked over, not only by other students, but by his teachers.  The reason I am ranting about teachers is in my opinion, they foster poor self confidence by their actions.  When there’s a field trip or something, my child maybe had 1 or 2 pictures in the lot.  The popular kids were in almost every photograph taken.

My child also did not get the recognition he deserved for winning 1st place in a county science fair.  He has always been left out.  What really puzzled me is when an English teacher asked for 3 writings my child had done to put in his permanent folder.  Keep in mind, those 3 writings were for another teacher, and that teacher scored all 3 of them as 100%.  Now this English teacher, gave him a 90% on one, and B’s on the other two.  I have to question, is this because my son is not popular or well liked in school?

Teachers are supposed to be there for their students, and to help build a positive self esteem and so forth.  However, I have found that they do not always do this.  Now if my child played sports or joined the academic team, would he have been treated better?  As a result, my child absolutely hates school and has the poorest self esteem any child should not have.  I blame the teachers.  So I challenge all of you out there that has the same problem with their child, reply back to this post.  Tell your story.  It will help you by being able to rant about things, and actually have someone listen.  Until tomorrow, good day friends!